Baby Spinach Salad (from Alex)

It’s a gourmet review from Alexander in Michigan…

One of the perks of being a photographer, blogger and food lover is sometimes you get lucky enough to find a way to combine your three loves. (Of course, I actually have four loves…photography, food, blogging…..and Neng Nikky! : )

One of the perks of working in the media is sometimes getting to combine work and good food, like I did today at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Every year, the car companies wine and dine the media to make a good impression. And consistently, one of the best companies, not only for making great cars, but for also offering gourmet food at their show’s media booth is Mercedes Benz.


Today I will talk about their first course offering….a baby spinach salad with shaved radishes, goat cheese, walnuts, tomatoes and roasted figs. The delicate leaves of spinach flowed flawlessly into the other elements of the salad, and the basalmic vinaigrette was just enough to add a distinct flavor to the salad without overwhelming it.

To me, that is the function of a first-course salad. To whet the appetite for the main course, without overshadowing it. This salad was point-on, and one of the best dishes I have yet tasted during all the years of auto shows I have had the pleasure of covering.

So practice your photography skills, and maybe one day you too can get paid to eat gourmet dishes in-between shoots!

Bon Appetite!


Espresso yourself

“One of the simplest, yet most enjoyable things is life is waking to that first cup of morning coffee.  How many people, from all sides of the world, start their day with this comforting elixir?  Yet, often in the fast-paced world of 2011, we might take this humble drink for granted, and not realize that ancient civilizations revered coffee, and often would put it as the beverage of kings and queens.

From Java, to Turkey, to Iran, to Italy, to America…..and everywhere in between, you can find hundreds of types of coffee beans, and ways to brew them.  My favorite happens to be espresso…with a bit of cream, and a lump or two of pure cane sugar.  Of course, you can go the Starbucks route…but try the small shops, and independent coffee houses, if you want to really begin to explore the varitey of tastes and aromas of the true coffee connoisseur.

Oh, and maybe in one of my entries in the near future…we can also discuss that perfect donut to accompany that perfect brew!  : )     Bon appetit!”


Nasi Uduk Jakarta depan simpang Tapekong, Penuin, Batam



Menurut saya tempat ini adalah NASI UDUK PALING ENAK DI BATAM.

Kedai ini berlokasi di seberang Tapekong, Penuin.

Pertama kali saya makan disini karena diajak Indrawati.

Entahlah, dulu saya sering lewat daerah ini, tapi ngga sekalipun tertarik untuk mampir makan disini.

Tapiiii itu dulu. Setelah mencoba sekali jadi ketagihan.

Nasinya lembut , wangi, bau rempah uduk nya terasa disajikan panas panas..

Nikmat sekali!! Sambelnya nendang pedes, btw jika cabai tidak mahal harga normal biasanya sambelnya ALL YOU CAN EAT and free.. asek kan!!

Di sana juga menjual Ayam goreng, jengkol, pete, tahu tempe pokoknya sedepppp dah

Selain itu kalian bisa order sayuran tumis tumisan seperti kangkung belacan, pokcay dll.

Untuk satu porsi nasi + ayam seharga 12 ribu rupiah.

1 nasi seharga 4 ribu rupiah.

Harganya masih merakyat tapi rasa dan porsi bintang 5!!!


ayam Penyet Ria yang kesohor dan banyak cabangnya di Batam rasanya kalah jauh jika dibandingkan dengan Nasi dan ayam goreng Jakarta depan Tapekong ini.

Kedai Nasi Uduk ini open from 6PM untill 10 PM tapi biasanya jam 9 PM sudah habis.

Neng Nikky kasih nilai 8 deh untuk Kedai Nasi Uduk ini.


Eaaaaaaaa jadi lapar lagi.